Kohler Highline Toilet Review: Comfort Height Elongated Toilet

I just installed this new Kohler Highline toilet in my master bathroom today, and it’s absolutely phenomenal! It’s such a step up from the previous toilet that I had in my bathroom, which was old, small, and struggled to function anymore. I needed a new toilet and I think I made the right choice in choosing this one.

It has all the right features for me and for my bathroom, especially because I’m left-handed, and this toilet offers a left-sided flush handle. It’s elongated, whereas my previous toilet was round, and I certainly prefer the way that this Kohler Highline toilet is shaped. Plus, it’s a little higher than a standard toilet, which makes it super comfortable to sit on, which is something I really like. This is a great choice overall. Here are some key features of the Highline toilet.

Kohler Highline Toilet Review and Features

Elongated Toilet Seat

This has got to be my favorite feature of this wonderful elongated toilet, though there are so many to choose from. From the back of the toilet to the front of the seat, it’s 29.5 inches which are just perfect for my own bathroom.

I know some toilet users prefer the round toilet seat, but the elongated seat really increases comfort and decreases messy accidents. It’s significantly more ergonomic for adults. Sometimes you’ve got to spend a little extra time on the toilet, and I’m glad to have a comfortable toilet seat to sit on in those cases.

My husband agrees that the elongated toilet is superior and reduces splashing from the toilet. I think the shape looks nicer in our bathroom as well. The longer seat really makes the room look bigger in my opinion.

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The Height of this Toilet Seat

I mentioned it earlier, but the height of this toilet is a little bit higher than normal. It’s called Kohler’s Comfort Height feature. I believe, and it feels much more natural to sit on a toilet of this height than one like our old, round toilet that was lower to the ground.

As I get older, it’s getting harder to get up from such low toilets! I think this would be so nice for anyone with a physical limitation or older folks who may have some trouble sitting all the way down to get to the toilet.

My grandfather visited this past weekend and mentioned that it was much easier for him to use our toilet! He uses a walker, so I recommend this for anyone else who may have trouble getting around. The height of this toilet seat feels more like a standard chair than most toilets do, which really makes it easy to navigate to the toilet and back up when you’re done doing your business.

Pressure Assist Flushing System

When my nieces and nephews visit, they just don’t know when to stop with the toilet paper and they use way too much! I was afraid they might clog our brand new toilet and we might have to call a plumber, but of course not! With the Kohler Highline toilet, my nieces and nephews were no match for our plumbing.

This toilet flushes 1.6 gallons per flush just like a wild hurricane and keeps the bowl nice and clean and shiny. It seems to be a pretty high-pressure flush. Great for sucking down lots of messes and toilet paper.

I’ve recommended that my sister purchase this toilet as well so that she can stop calling the plumber every time the kids flush too much toilet paper down the toilet bowl. She can’t wait to get hers in the mail. At this rate, Kohler may put the plumbers in our area out of business with their quality build and flushing toilet system.

Beautiful and Sturdy Toilet Overall

This toilet looks wonderful in our space. We chose the white color, but there are other options as well: almond, biscuit, and black. It’s 31 1/4 inch by 21 1/16 inch which is perfect for our master bathroom.

It’s made of vitreous china, which is so sturdy and seems like it will hold up for years to come in our house. We put the toilet right up against the wall, and it looks great there under the hand-painted portrait of my great-grandmother’s Pomeranian, Bailey!

On top of the tank, we’ve got a family photo and some beautiful pink flowers. They’re silk, of course, so we don’t have to replace the flowers continually, but they still look lovely there in combination with the white of the toilet.

Left Side Flush

As someone who is left-handed, I absolutely love that this toilet has the flush lever on the left side. For so many years, I’ve either had to use my non-dominant hand or reach all the way around, twisting my body uncomfortably to flush the toilet, but no longer!

Finally, a toilet that caters to my left-handed needs. I appreciate that this is something that Kohler thought about when designing their toilet because I sure do appreciate it.

This has made such a difference in my life. Now that I don’t have to twist all the way around to flush the toilet with my left hand, my back pain has nearly gone away, and I feel so much better, all thanks to my new toilet. How wonderful!



  • Maybe a bit big for small children
  • Elongated toilet takes up more room than a round toilet
  • Powerful flush can be a bit loud

Bottom Line

Overall, I’m absolutely delighted with my purchase. I just can’t believe I’ve found such a wonderful toilet to put in my master bathroom. I’m going to be sure to order one for the rest of the bathrooms in my house so that our guests are able to experience the absolute joy that my husband and I have experienced since purchasing the Kohler K-3493-0 Highline toilet. Between the height, the flushing pressure, and the elongated seat this toilet is absolutely the right choice for your home.

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