Toto G400 Review

When I first came across the TOTO Washlet G400 Integrated Toilet, I was slightly amused and thought that such a level of automation was total overkill. However, on putting aside my prejudices and getting to know the product, my opinion quickly changed to one of awe.

While many of the features had initially seemed superfluous, one by one I realized how well thought out the product really is. If hygiene is your goal then every single feature plays its part in achieving this. It also manages to provide total hygiene in the most comfortable way, making the whole user experience a delight. It offers a totally customizable experience that will be remembered by the unit.

Toto G400 Review and Features

Auto Open and Close lid

The experience begins as you approach the very modern-looking unit. Instead of touching a traditional lid that may well be covered in bacteria the lid automatically opens in preparation for use, totally handsfree. There is an option to use a remote if you prefer.

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PreMist Function

A nice feature added to this unit is the premist, which soaks the toilet bowl and so eliminates the solid waste that might stick to a dry bowl. In fact, it is 80% more efficient than a traditional toilet, where you may need to flush twice or resort to the dreadful toilet brush to resolve this problem. This process is made particularly effective because of the advanced glazing that prevents solid waste from adhering to the bowl.

Heated Seat

As you sit down, you instantly notice the warmth of the bidet toilet seat, which has been heated to your chosen setting between 82°F and 97°F. I am assured that many of us have experience unpleasantly cold seats when using the bathroom in the dead of winter. This feature is a part of the relaxing experience that the user enjoys when employing this product.

Self Cleaning For Extra Hygiene

The first action of the unit, once you have sat comfortably, is for the wand to self-clean. The wand which serves as the water spray for cleaning you has cleaned automatically before and after use

Tote Washlet in Use

Once the user has completed their functions, whilst enjoying the warm comfortable seat, the unit will proceed to clean the user who can choose one of three settings; rear, rear soft, and front.

  • Rear has a more concentrated area that is cleaned with a strong spray, efficiently washing it at the optimum angle.
  • Rear Soft has a more dispersed cleansing area, cleaning a wider section of the body using a less pressured spray.
  • The front setting provides for large softer drops to cleanse the intimate area.
  • Any unpleasant odors are dealt with by the built-in deodorizer avoiding any embarrassment.

3D Tornado Flush

Even though less solid waste will be sticking to the bowl, because of the way the bowl was wet before use, the unit has enhanced flushing. The unit is equipped with three strong water inlets that create a rotary flush and rinsing action

The Drying Function

Having provided a comprehensive and hygienic cleaning experience the unit precedes to dry the user with a controlled and adjustable blast of warm air.

Automatic Flush

We know how the manual flush handle on traditional toilets can be covered in germs and people sometimes go to great lengths in finding ways to avoid touching it. Well, this is not a problem with this unit, as it is equipped with an automatic flush. There is also the option to use the remote control and select either “Mini Flush” or “Maxi Flush” another eco-friendly feature.

External Cleaning

Having gone to such great lengths to ensure that the interior of the unit is kept spotlessly clean the designers have created a brand new external shape that is far easier to clean than the traditional configuration. Installation The TOTO G400 comes with everything you need for installation, except for a new wax ring and floor bolts. This is the normal situation with any new toilet you purchase. The unit arrives in two deliveries, the smaller seat unit, and then the main base unit. You will need a 120v GFCI power outlet within reach of the power cord.


  • Dual-Max 30 Tornado Flush
  • ADA Compliant
  • Sleek low profile skirted one piece toilet
  • Dual Flush 1.28GPF (4.8LPF)I0.9 – GPF (34 LPF)
  • Rear Cleanse
  • Soft Rear Cleanse
  • Front Cleanse
  • Five Settings for Water Pressure
  • Wand Position Adjustment
  • Automatic Open and Close Seat
  • Heated seat
  • Self Cleaning Wand
  • Auto Energy Saver
  • Seat Sensor
  • Water Temperature Control
  • Wand Cleaning Mode

The Pros

  • The super hygienic design eliminates most reasons to touch the unit.
  • Very easy to clean externally with pleasing modern design
  • Far more comfortable to use than traditional toilet
  • Air Drying means no toilet tissue is required (better for the environment)
  • Odor suppression removes embarrassment when the next user follows you into the bathroom.


  • The single con I could think of is that the unit will cost more than a traditional toilet unit. However, with all the features you are not really comparing like with like.

The Final Verdict

My default position when it comes to household appliances and motor vehicles has been that normally that it is best to keep it simple and don’t over complicate things. By adding new technology where once things were done manually we are only asking for more things to go wrong. However, spending time investigating TOTO G400 has made me rethink this mindset.

The designers of this product have identified several problems with traditional toilets and have created a solution and judging by what people who have used the unit have said, it seems pretty reliable too. The sheer comfort, hygiene, and utility of this product make it nonsense to compare it with traditional toilet systems.

Not only is the TOTO G400 an excellent purchase but it has also been responsible for me having a new outlook on life and technology.

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